Sarah Mulindwa

Creator & TV personality

TV personality Sarah Mulindwa is best known as the witty and glamorous Presenter on Channel 4’s hit show ‘The Sex Clinic’. Through her background as a qualified Nurse for over 10 years, she is part of a team of experts who cut through Britain’s sex secrets. She not only teaches young people about sexual health but encourages them to talk about issues around relationships, identity and body issues. With a background as a radio presenter, she has also contributed to stations such as talk radio, Fubar Radio and BBC Radio London discussing various topics.

Having created a unique and diverse career, Sarah is also known in the creative industry as a Fashion Influencer, Radio Personality and has carved a successful career as a well respected Stylist, Fashion Editor and published writer. Her work has seen her in publications such as Vogue, The New York Times and Grazia amongst others.

Her exceptional skill sets have enabled her to make her mark across the board in Health, Fashion, TV and Radio.

14:30 - 15:00

Friday, 24 June London 24 June 2022 NEW

Panel: The Creator Economy

This dedicated panel will review key tactics and strategies in working with content creators, curators and social talent.

Deep diving into key areas:

  • Best Practices that Excite and Engage Creators when Pitching your Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • How to work with creators long-terms for fluidity of content and partnerships
  • What is the next big thing in the creator economy and how can brands get ahead working with talent

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• James Middleton, Creator & Fitness and Mindset Coach
• Sarah Mulindwa, Creator & TV personality