Oisin Lunny

Journalist, Event MC and Fortune 500 Podcast Host

Oisin Lunny is an award-winning marketer, mobile expert, public speaker and journalist. His professional experience includes roles as Global Product Manager, UK Country Manager, Technical VP and Chief Evangelist. He holds a position as the Professor of UX Driven Business at Barcelona Technology School, where he is also a member of the Academic Board.

Oisin has hosted, moderated and given keynote presentations at over 200 conferences in every corner of the world, including TEDx, MWC and six times at SXSW. He is a regular contributor to Forbes.com, has written for The Guardian, and been featured on CNN, BBC, The Observer, The Telegraph, Business Reporter, The Drum, Customer Experience Magazine and CMO.com.

He sits on advisory boards for SXSW, DMWF, DTS, MxTE, CEW and CXFO, and was named the #5 most engaged marketer in the UK by LinkedIn. He is also the music editor of PHOENIX Magazine and maintains a parallel profile as a film composer, producer, and DJ.

14:00 - 14:45

Wednesday 17 February Full Agenda

LIVE PANEL: The future of influencer marketing: Discover trends and technologies that will shape how brands interact with influencers 

  • Why forging long-term relationships with influencers is the most productive way forward
  • Authenticity, brand-loyalty, high-quality content and long-term value – the magic formula for success?
  • Exploring the key role of big data and analytics for increase efficiency
  • How are brands harnessing global millennial spending power by measuring the sentiment of younger consumers?
  • In a challenging post COVID-19 scenario, what’s the best strategy to get your influencers to drive action beyond awareness?
  • TikTok and beyond: How to leverage influencer video to be most effective for your brand?
15:20 - 15:40

Wednesday 17 February Full Agenda

Fireside Chat: Diversity & Influencers: How engaging more diverse content creators can drive real impact

A fireside chat with Curtis Midkiff, Director of Social Media, Weber-Stephens Products LLC and Oisin Lunny.

Over his decade of experience leading social for a range of nationally and globally brands, Curtis has been a strong advocate for corporate partnerships with diverse influencers and content creators.  In this chat, Curtis will discuss the importance of inclusion in influencer marketing and its benefits to brands on many levels.  He will also share a roadmap for brand marketers looking to launch more inclusive influencer campaigns and strategies.