Mathis Betz

Chief Commercial Officer, IROIN ® Influencer Marketing Suite

Mathis is a digital nomad and digital native who focuses on implementing software to optimize workflows for marketers who work with influencers. Next to visiting 30+ countries in the last few years, he’s implemented software solutions in over 200 companies, which led him to have a unique perspective on the influencer marketing industry.

11:40 - 12:20

Thursday, 23 June 1 London 23 June 2022 NEW

Panel: Building a powerful influencer marketing strategy

  • Why long-term relationships with influencers can harness future growth opportunities
  • Authenticity, brand loyalty, high-quality content, and long-term value – the magic formula for success?
  • Exploring the key role of big data and analytics for increase efficiency

• Dr Geraint Evans, Executive Coach & Co-Author ‘Sustainable Marketing Interim CMO Consultant

• Dan Evans Head of social & influencers, Zapp
•  Madeline Orme Senior Influencer Marketing Strategist, MediaCom
• Mathis Betz, Head of Sales, IROIN ® Influencer Marketing Suite