Maira Genovese

Founder and CMO, MG Empower

Maira Genovese is the Founder and CMO of MG Empower, a leading global influencer marketing agency. Before starting her own business, she built an over 20-year career in Marketing & Digital, working inside some of the world’s most-loved brands such as American Express, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry and Value Retail.
Maira strongly believes excellence comes from having a meaningful purpose and a true passion at the core of every project. That's why authentic storytelling is the main principle of MG Empower since its foundation, in 2017, when she aimed to create a new-age integrated agency that would reshape the future of brand communications inspired by her unique vision: empowering people.
MG Empower's core values also reflect this vision, from the name of the agency to the mission of empowering brands to engage with communities at scale through the powerful voices of influencers.
Along with MG Empower diverse team, Maira has already counselled leading brands like TikTok, Chopard, Ford, Porsche, Bumble, Biossance, StarzPlay, SnapChat and Deliveroo. Besides helping them achieve their goals creatively, her strategic approach focuses on building long-lasting connections and driving positive impact in scale, always looking to go above and beyond.