Louise Alexandra Erskine 

Content Creator

Louise Alexandra Erskine is a poet, artist, photographer and content creator learning through a lifetime of passion and heartbreak Louise writes about her relationships and experiences in life, love, loss, surviving domestic abuse and falling in love the right way – with herself! Louise experienced success early on writing poetry on Pinterest and has returned to writing as part of a long journey of self discovery after loosing herself in an abusive marriage. Louise is now a single parent raising three children in the English countryside and using instagram to express emotion through imagery and tell the stories of her life both through her poetry via @beautifully_defected. Her debut poetry collection All of the Ocean is available now.

14:30 - 15:00

Friday, 24 June London 24 June 2022 NEW

Panel: The Creator Economy

This dedicated panel will review key tactics and strategies in working with content creators, curators and social talent.

Deep diving into key areas:

  • Best Practices that Excite and Engage Creators when Pitching your Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • How to work with creators long-terms for fluidity of content and partnerships
  • What is the next big thing in the creator economy and how can brands get ahead working with talent

• Gordon Glenister is an influencer marketing strategist , chief strategy officer, Audience2 Media

• Louise Alexandra Erskine, Creator
• Jodie & Miley Jo the Chorkie, Creator and Manager
• James Middleton, Creator & Fitness and Mindset Coach
• Sarah Mulindwa, Creator & TV personality