Flora Noble

Digital Influencer Manager, Oxfam GB

Flora is Digital Influencer Manager at Oxfam Great Britain. At the age of 21 she successfully ran an election campaign to lead her Students’ Union, becoming their first female President in a decade and beginning her career within the not-for-profit sector. She joined Oxfam as a Marketing Executive in July 2019 and immediately took responsibility for recruiting influencers for their inaugural ‘Second Hand September’ campaign. Having successfully delivered influencer coverage throughout the campaign, Flora was appointed Oxfam’s first Digital Influencer Manager. In the past 12 months she has built Oxfam’s influencer outreach, working with some of the biggest names in sustainable fashion and lifestyle, as well as supporting up and coming content creators.

10:10 - 10:30

Wednesday, 17 February Virtual 17 February 2021

Harnessing the power of influencers in the charity sector – Oxfam GB’s first year of full-time influencer marketing

  • Explore the role that influencers can play in supporting campaigns in not-for-profits.
  • Hear about some of the key ethical issues around working with influencers as a charity, and how Oxfam negotiates them.
  • Delve into some of the dos and don’ts of charity influencer marketing – what works, and what doesn’t.