Esther Lopez Riva

Senior Global Manager, Celebrity Partnership, VIP and Influencer Marketing, Tommy Hilfiger

Esther is a Brand Marketing & Communications leader with proven and wide-ranging experience in international Marketing, PR and Digital in the global consumer marketplace.

In the Fashion industry, she’s worked for labels such as Burberry, pioneers in Influencer marketing campaigns, Timberland, Juicy Couture, Clarks and Tommy Hilfiger, which she joined in 2020. The American premium-clothing brand has counted with celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Zendaya and Lewis Hamilton for its Influencer Marketing campaigns. Esther has a real passion about Influencer Marketing and content with a purpose in all the different platforms. She’s also seasoned International marketer and PR with 16 years+ experience
International profile - lived and worked in Paris, London, Madrid and Amsterdam. She has global responsibilities, managing commercial regions Europe, Asia and Americas.